ECO-SAFE Driving

  • Look well ahead and anticipate the flow of traffic
  • Change up gears as soon as possible
  • Steady speed in the highest possible gear
  • Cruising speed – 3000rpm – do not exceed
  • Avoid ‘racing’ starts
  • Use engine braking (compression)
  • Maximum half ‘throttle’ (accelerator)
  • Use ‘selective’ gear changing
  • Tyres at correct air pressure
  • Keep windows closed
  • Use air-conditioning sparingly
  • Keep weights and loads to a minimum
  • Remove roof rack when not in use
  • Keep vehicle properly maintained
  • Switch off engine if stopped for 2 minutes or more

Don’t get lost.20% of mileage driven is when lost

If you apply the above when driving, you will save fuel and make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment.

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