Speed Awareness Course

The 9th Commandment of motoring states: Use speed intelligently and drive fast only in the right places – so, lose your speed or lose your car.

Judging the correct road speed when approaching hazards e.g. bends, corners, hill crests, and roundabouts takes practice and experience. It is often said that speed kills however; it is the use of inappropriate use of speed that kills. The speed which we travel at will always depend on the prevailing road, weather and traffic conditions. (Posted speed limits are not a target – they are merely the maximum speed that you can travel on a particular road provided that it’s safe to do so) Sometimes, 20kph may be far too fast in a busy housing area.

High speeds are safe only when a clear view is available for a considerable distance and there is time to assess each hazard as it appears, but speed must at all times be related to the view.
Safety with speed depends largely upon the ability to recognise danger and to slow down in good time and to be able to stop your vehicle on the correct side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear.